Techlandia Third Anniversary Show

Bringing back @curtrees and @tedrosececi for a throwback show!

December 31st will mark the third anniversary of Techlandia Radio. When Alison Anderson and I started the show, we really didn't think people would actually listen. The first shows were pretty bad. We weren't afraid to change things up and try new things. We eventually found an audience and here we sit three years later. I am not sure how legit these stats are...but here is what I have from Podomatic in 2015:

  • Techlandia was downloaded over 17,000 times
  • The site was visited over 50,000 times on Podomatic
  • There were more than 20,000 plays on the web and mobile players
  • We were listened to on six continents...come on Antarctica get your act together 

So thank you to everyone and we will keep going strong with Amy Fadeji, David Theriault, and Jake Duncan in 2016!