Techlandia 93 - Teaching Digital Media

The Techlandia crew settled in with an old friend, Sean Ziebarth. Sean is an awesome high school teacher that has a great perspective on teaching and student agency. We decided to go digital again and will start presenting our show notes using Adobe Slate. I can't get all the great ideas that Sean had, but I try the best I can. You can find the podcast and the Adobe Slate below. We would love feedback if the notes are a good idea. We also gave a plug to give Techlandia a review in iTunes. We usually don't do that, but it has been a long time since someone has. Let us know, we appreciate the feedback. 

Techlandia - Grumpy Old Teachers 25

Scott Bedley and I continue to be snarky. But snarky in a good way...the way you are when you know your administrator isn't within earshot. It's like Friday Happy Hour talk, just on demand. We think that our friend, Eric Saibel, said it best. 

So take a listen to our new show. It might actually cheer you up? 

Techlandia - Student Hour Of Code Edition

I made a visit to Mrs. Tanksley's class in Beaverton to talk about podcasting. The only way to learn how to podcast, is to create one on the spot. We chat with two students about their reflection on Hour Of Code. Take ten minutes to listen to fourth graders talk about what they enjoy about 

Techlandia - Minecraft in Education #1

The first in a series of conversations with James Pike @joakleyiii who created Mathcraft.

I first saw James Pike talking about Minecraft on a free webinar for EdWeb and really liked what he was doing. He was making great lessons for learning within Minecraft and sharing them. His students were making videos showing their learning...things I want to replicate in my school district. James was kind enough to agree to a series of talks. We are happy to have him on Techlandia! The Adobe Slate with links is coming soon! 

Grumpy Old Teachers 22

More grumpy from the Kings of Grouch. Topics include Taylor Swift lyrics, Facebook phonies, and trying to form the #edusquad. Join us for Grumpy Old Teachers it is really upbeat, yet savage and snarky at the same time. 

Techlandia 87 - Rob Gronkowski

A talk with educator @ideaguy42 - Bob Dillon

Bob is Director of Innovation for the Afton School District in the St. Louis area. Topics discussed include his trip to the White House, learning spaces, and his upcoming book. 

Here is an Abobe Slate with all the links to my notes of what Bob discussed during the show. Think of them as my new fangled visual notes for the show with all the links. 

A chat with Bob Dillon @ideaguy42

Grumpy Old Teachers 21

This episode contains the usual grumping and a special appearance from Melissa Lim, of the Portland Public School District. You can find her on the "Twitters" @actionhero. Melissa is a great educator to follow and shares a wealth of resources on Twitter and Google +. 

Mathlandia 2 with Kyle Pearce

Sometimes you just like to talk about math. That is what Kyle Pearce and I do. I will contact him and see if he can get another new episode in to his busy schedule. For now, listen to the latest episode. 

Grumpy Old Teachers 3

Scott Bedley and I are back and talking education. The podcast where all we do is start with one thing to talk about, and the conversation flows from there. If you haven't listened to Grumpy Old Teachers, you should give it a try! A great pickup for the end of the year blues and the summer slide. 

Grumpy Old Teachers 2

Scott Bedley and I keep it going with another episode of GOATlandia. (Grumpy Old Aged Teachers) The great thing about this show is we start with one topic that is on our minds and just go where the conversation takes us from there. Give it a try, you may be hooked! 

Grumpy Old Teachers 1

Here is the first installment of the Grumpy Old Teachers podcast. This podcast has absolutely NO format whatsoever. Scott Bedley, from the Bedley Brothers, and I decide on one thing we would like to talk about to start. We go wherever the conversation takes us from there. I think the episodes are entertaining and we sometimes snark, but most of the time laugh. If you like Techlandia and haven't listened you should give it a try. 

Booklandia 3 - Ready For Novels?

We talk with the incredible Colby Sharp about what books to read when students are ready to make the jump to novels. He gives you three book series that may get them going. The enjoyable thing about Booklandia is that you can listen to them six months later and it is still relevant information. Colby is tuned in to what is going on with authors, that he knows what is coming out down the road that will be great. We hope to get Colby back on and continue with more of these episodes. 

Here is a list of links to the resources we shared in the podcast. Give us a listen! 

Devlandia 2 - Break Free App

This is a special podcast with one of my former 4th grade students, Nilen Patel. He created an app last summer using the Codea app on the iPad. Jake Duncan and I chat with him on how he did it, and take an honest look back on if I was a techie teacher or just a nerd. 

He would appreciate your support by downloading the Break Free app. Give it a try and give Devlandia 2 a listen! 

If you want to take a look at some other apps to learn coding on the iPad, here is my Listly list with many choices. 

Mathlandia 1 - The Premier Edition

I was lucky enough to get High School educator, Kyle Pearce, to agree to do some math themed shows for Techlandia. Kyle is known as @mathletepearce on "The Twitters." So join us as we just sit around and talk about how to make math more fun and interactive. Kyle has some great ideas, and we hope to make this a regular podcast in the future. 

Booklandia 2 - Electric Boogaloo

Back again with Colby Sharp one of the founders of the Nerdy Book Club. This episode has a special bonus, Scott Bedley of the Bedley Brothers podcast joins us for our chat. Colby talks about Nerdcamp that is an annual event in the summer in Michigan. He also gives you some great book picks to read with your class, as usual. Colby knows books! Listen to Booklandia and be in the know of all the great children's literature out there. 

Devlandia 1 - The New Book Press

In the premiere episode of Devlandia, Jake Duncan and I talk with developer, Alexander Parker. He has been working on bringing an interactive version of Shakespeare classics in iBooks and online. Alexander is a passionate educator who really wanted to bring his love of acting and Shakespeare into the digital age. Please check out The New Book Press Website and listen to Alexander chat about his project. 

Booklandia 1 - Three Books For Your Classroom

This is the inaugural podcast with Colby Sharp of the Nerdy Book Club. Colby has forgotten more about children's literature than most teachers will ever know. Booklandia gives you three books for you to use in your classroom. Colby can even tell you some great books that are soon to be released. Sit back for twenty minutes and let Colby do all the work, as he finds great books your students will enjoy.