Stand Up To Standardized Testing

Global School Play Day is February 3, 2016 

It seems ridiculous that I was given a directive to NOT play sports with students at lunch recess. Before you think there is more to the story than I am letting on, kids could not run and play tag on the playground equipment. They could walk fast. These are the times we live in as teachers. What if in my professional judgement, I decided to take an extra recess? I'm sure the admin would have scheduled a meeting and written me up. Newsflash - I DID take extra recess and got away with it. 

Why should we have to sneak around when we know that play is good for kids? 

Because of standardized testing

Whatever happened to letting kids just play? When I was in school, we had AM recess, lunch recess for 45 minutes, and maybe even a PM recess.

That is where Global School Play Day comes in. You can sign up here: Global School Play Day

Inspired by the TED talk from Peter Gray, Global School Play Day is coming back for a second straight year. Over 65,000 students on 6 continents participated last year. The focus is on just having kids play. Play outside, inside, games, legos, just play and interact with each other. Play is a good thing and we need to start bringing the fun back to school. Global School Play day is a great place to start if you made a New Year's Resolution to stand up to standardized testing. Go to the site and sign up today. Even if you only play for some of the day, this gives you a chance to stand up to that administrator with no vision. Take some pictures, share the fun on social media at #GSPD2016.