Cam Newton Provides A Teachable Moment

The popular "teachable moment" happened yesterday

The "Big Game" provided us with a real world opportunity to share with students today. I love NFL football. I have spent many years talking about it with 4th and 5th graders over my years of teaching. One of our most popular math games was "fantasy football math." That would all end today with the final act known as "Big Game." Tomorrow we would go on with dreary old "regular" math for a while. 

Last night I saw something interesting in the postgame press conference. Cam Newton, who I really like, could not get himself through his press conference. He wore his hood over his head, (BTW I LOVE hoodies) and could barely answer questions. This goes against how we have seen him act all year. He acted very child-like and not like a grown man that had to answer some tough questions. It made me think, what did Russell Wilson say last year after his terrible defeat? Luckily I have Google, and I could see video of how he reacted last year. I think you could keep going on down the list of losing QB's and see what the results are. I only looked at Russell Wilson and Peyton Manning from the last two years. 

I think this is a great opportunity to teach students a life lesson using people that many elementary students idolize. I think it would be interesting to have students look up the videos on their own and compare and contrast the actions of both quarterbacks. If it were me, I would give them the assignment in Google Classroom, put students in groups, and let them research and discuss the differences in a Google Doc before bringing the class back for a discussion. 

There is a lot of information that would be good for students to process and reflect on. I would continue to go back to this example throughout the rest of the school year. 

I am not indicting Cam Newton. No one is perfect. I can't even begin to imagine how it would feel to be on the losing end of a game of that magnitude. I love how he gives footballs to kids in the crowd and all the other things he does for the community and the Play 60 campaign. However, I think the interview is a great talking point for students. I have provided the links for Cam Newton's interview, as well as Russell Wilson's from last year. There will be commercials. You have been warned. 

Cam Newton's Press Conference Link

Russell Wilson's Press Conference Link