Signal To Noise Festival & Scratch Day Showcase

We just finished up with our district film festival, Signal To Noise. (Click if you want to see the site) It starts off with a little showcase of all the creative projects going on throughout the Beaverton School District. This year we even had a Scratch Day going on in one section, with students helping people create Scratch accounts and sharing their coding skills. 

A quick shot from our #bsdfutureready #scratchday last Thursday @s2nfestival

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The list of different ideas shared by students and teachers was pretty impressive:

  • Osmos - demoed by a student
  • 3D printing - a scale model of Portland shared by a teacher
  • Book Trailers - demoed by students and teacher
  • Bloxels - demoed by a student
  • Stop Motion Video/Color Poems - shared by teachers
  • DoInk Animation - demoed by a student
  • Green Screen - demoed by a student
  • Dash Robot Coding Mazes - shared by a teacher
  • Ozobots & Spheros - shared by teachers & students
  • Makey Makeys - shared by a teacher & students
  • Oculus Rift & HTC Vive - shared by teachers & students 
  • EV3 Lego robotics & coding - shared by students
  • Graphic Design & Publication - shared by students
  • BB8 - shared by students

I will share more about the Director's Notes and talking to the student filmmakers tomorrow. For now, here is the opening to the Film Awards that happened after the showcase above. The ACMA students created this video in less than a week! (You will have to watch at home if Vimeo is blocked in your district.)