Four Great Student Created Short Films

This is a follow-up to yesterday's post

A great opportunity presented itself at this year's Signal To Noise Festival. I got the chance to interview some great students and talk to them about the films they submitted for this year. Director's Notes is a little session that we hold before the film awards every year. It is usually hosted by one of our great district film teachers, Kevin Bennett. He couldn't make it this year, and I have been podcasting for 4.5 years, so I figured I could fill in. What a cool job it was...I may never give it up. 

Director's Notes is a 30-45 minute session where we take a small room and open it up to show a few films and talk to the students that created them. This gives the audience a chance to see the films in their entirety and hear what the successes and challenges were in creating their films. It was a lot of fun, and we had a great space to show the movies at Aloha High School this year. Take a few minutes out of your day and watch some of these creative student films. Again, these videos are on Vimeo, so they may be blocked/filtered on district wifi. 

Beaverton-Hillsboro Science Expo 2017

The group of four girls from ACMA had to create this video in a matter of hours! They started shooting at noon, and had to have it ready to show at the close of the Science Fair at 4! 

Sandbox Science

The same group of girls had a world premiere of the video above. It was created for Hanna's capstone project in her senior year. She originally had a different edit of the film, with the above opening scene, as the final scene. I think she made the right choice with the video above. 

Life of a Raindrop

This is a tremendous animation video that ended up a winner at Signal To Noise for senior, Ben Johnson. It took him months to create the video, and the opening cloud sequence and the emotion on the faces of the raindrops were among his challenges. 

Cheating, The Music Video 

The final video was directed by two girls who I have worked with for the last two years. They created this great music video with an original song and different camera angles. I was pulling for them to win in the music video category, but they finished second. I hope they keep trying to create more films as they make the big jump to middle school. 

That's all I've got for today. I hope you took the time to watch at least one of the videos. Tomorrow I will hit you back with some great places to find attribution free stock videos for student projects. Sorry, if you were looking for that blog post on fidget won't be coming any time soon.