STEAM Team Podcast Lanches Today!

A podcast created about the stuff we love.

Brian Briggs knows a TON about great STEM tools to use in the classroom. We attended Picademy together last year in San Jose. It was a ton of fun. If I need advice on things to purchase or ideas for lessons, I turn to Brian for help. It was these Voxer conversations that made me think we weren't the only ones talking about STEAM. I finally wore Brian down and he agreed to start a podcast with me. The podcast format is going to be very open. We may talk to cool people we find doing great stuff, we may just talk about something we have done, or we may go on tangents about random things that guys in their 40's with ADHD discuss. Whatever it is, it should be a fun time. At the end of each show we will highlight a Kickstarter or Indiegogo that has caught our eye in a segment called "Crowdsourced Corner."

We will release one more show before ISTE 2017. This show will be focused on littleBits, and more specifically the new littleBits Code Kit. I had the pleasure of testing it out with students before it was released. The students absolutely LOVED it. We had students stay in from recess and also do working lunches to finish their project. I am a big fan of Global School Play Day, and tried to discourage them from staying inside, but they loved the littleBits. Check back for that episode later in the week, for now, I leave you with our introductory episode for your listening pleasure. 


littleBits Coding Kit

Coming up on our next episode.